Narratives Beyond Borders: The Korean New Wave Cinema by Women Directors (1950-2020, Series I)


You are cordially invited to the Online Opening Reception, which will be streamed simultaneously in the West and the East at the following times: 

  • Montreal, Quebec: October 29 from 7 pm to 8 pm (EDT. GMT-4) 
  • Seoul, South Korea: October 30 from 8 am to 9 am (EST. GMT-9)

Please visit the event page to confirm your attendance: here. The access link will be sent to you automatically. 

The organizers look forward to connecting with you, from Korea to Canada!

Film Line-up: koreanfilm.ca/films 

The two opening films are: Lucky Chan-sil (찬실이는 복도 많지, 2019) directed by KIM Cho-hee and I’ll Be Seeing HER (황홀경, 2003) directed by KIM Soyoung.  We are happy to announce the last-minute entry of the fresh, new film A French Woman (프랑스 여자, 2020) by KIM Hee-jung. This new addition brings  the total of 22 films that include drama, comedy, documentary, art films and new media arts, among others. 

The film Lucky Chan-sil (찬실이는 복도 많지) will be also be screened at Montreal’s Cinéma Moderne

In keeping with the festival’s theme, Narratives Beyond Borders: The Korean New Wave Cinema by Women Directors (1950-2020, Series I), we will present a wide variety of films by Korean and Korean-Canadian women filmmakers. To add depth to the proceedings, women directors, scholars and actors will share their personal views in ART-Talks: koreanfilm.ca/aapl/art-talks

Tickets can be purchased now on their website: koreanfilm.ca/ticket

  • Single pass CAD$4.50 (plus service fee) 
  • Short film, sound performance, and media-art package: Watch all short films, sound performances, and media-art films for CAD$4.50 (plus service fee)
  • Festival pass: Gives access to the entire program between Oct. 29 and Nov. 30, 2020: CAD$9.50 (plus service fee)   

* Each Single Movie will only be accessible for 48h for a purchaser.

* Following the agreement between the festival and film distribution companies, each film is limited to 1,000 clicks/views. That film will then be closed screening even before November 30th, 2020. To watch the film at one click, you are offering a chance to the other public to still watch the film. We thank you for your cooperation.)

Watch trailers and choose YOUR film at koreanfilm.ca/films  

Mark Oct. 29 on your calendar and get ready to discover Korean New Wave Cinema by Women Directors.

*The team is committed to supporting artists and filmmakers. All the box-office proceeds will be donated to women’s film and arts organizations in Quebec and Korea to support artists during the pandemic lockdown.

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