My Other Suit is Human

Some things are so horrific that we humans attempt to not even think about them. The loss of a child falls into that category. A parent should never out live their child. It is an immense tragedy and just not the natural order of things.

When something like this happens there is no playbook on how to deal. What is the proper way to deal with a tragedy of this magnitude. So really there is no acknowledged right or wrong way to deal. But we all agree that you have to deal with it.

Couple Zoe (Bethany Blake – first film) and Stephen (Simeon Oakes – Pictures of Lily) have had the unthinkable happen to them. They lost their child – a son. Zoe is overtly mourning. Externally exhibits her sadness. She wants her husband to join her in it and also console her. But Stephen is mourning the loss of his child in a different way. He does it in a very internal way by burying himself in his work. Zoe thinks he is not dealing with it or is not sad. The two are distant as a result of his perceived emotional unavailability.

So Zoe finds an odd (or what most would see as strange) way to express her feelings. She begins to dress up in a robot costume. A costume made up of cardboard boxes. This leads to a confrontation between the couple. This finally leads to communication and discovery on many levels.

Director is award-winning Irish writer Andrew Paul Montague. He certainly has a way – visually and the laying out of the story – of making a film. His film about loss and grief is certainly as unconventional as how this mother deals with her sadness. An amazing accomplishment for a script and then film which was Montague’s graduation film from the prestigious London Film School.

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