I Wish For You

A middle aged woman (Maxine Peake – The Theory of Everything) is going through things. Packing up as she is in the process of moving. Deciding what to keep and what to throw out. During this she finds a letter. It is a letter from her grandfather. She begins to read it. We hear the voice of her grandfather.

Climate change has almost become a dirty word(s) of late. Something we don’t really want to hear about or talk about. It is like we are almost too scared of what is to come. Instead we should be spurred on to do what we can to slow it down. To save the only planet we have to live on.

Despite the fact that her grandfather (Jeremy Irons – Dead Ringers, The Lion King – 1994) was writing this to her decades ago, he seemed to be able to see what was coming way before most of us.

As the letter goes on talking about their time together and his worry for the planet and the damage being done, Mia becomes more and more emotional. She is brought back to her childhood while also being in the present due to his wise words about the climate.

This 2016 film is a British production and lasts only five minutes. Directed by Stuart Rideout (Show the Love) it is a rather simple but poignant (on several levels) film with beautiful visuals.

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