MUSEUM: TV Channel Dedicated to Art Now Available on Bell

THEMA Canada, a subsidiary of Canal International, and the SECOM Group are very pleased to offer Bell Télé Fibe subscribers the first channel dedicated entirely to art: MUSEUM TV, available in French and English.

MUSEUM TV’s mission is to satisfy the requirements of art lovers but also to reach out to as many people as possible in an accessible and playful tone. Subscribers, enlightened amateurs or the general public, will no doubt be able to quench their cultural thirst through documentaries on the great masters of painting as well as on new forms of art, a daily news magazine, drawing courses for all, photography, architecture, street art, and entertainment.

Four main themes

MUSEUM TV’s programming tackles four main topics every day: Fine Arts where you can discover a walk in prestigious museums around the world or discover the great artists, their lives, their workshops but also their emblematic works. The works presented in the Images, photoor video, are deciphered by Museum; we discover the photography competitions or the real stories of young photographers. New artistic trends are on the move with Art Pop making a foray into street art,street performances and digitalarts. Finally, subscribers will be able to meet the greatest architects and design stars with Archi and Design.

Regular appointments

The channel also offers thematic programs every day, meeting art in all its forms. Like the sketchbook that comes back daily with a group of artists who reveal their live drawing techniques. Viewers will also be able to embark on a guided tour of the exhibitions in the world’s most incredible museums with The Private Visite, or discover the most incredible digital works in the show Digital Revolution. The Decisive Instant program will be dedicated to renowned photographers who share the story of their favorite photos. 


Because in Art everything is allowed, MUSEUM TV will regularly offer content as part of event programming, during major exhibitions, festivals, tributes to an artist, a nod to a city of art…

The channel will also broadcast some exclusive worldwide auctions, including prestigious auctions organized by Sotheby’s.


MUSEUM TV is in French and English until 15 December 2020.  The channel will then be offered in packages as well as à la carte.

Positions :

Bell TV Fibe: French: 1142 (HD) / English 1630 (HD)

Bell Alt TV: French: 142, English: 630

Virgin TV: French 142, English: 630

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