Alberto and the Concrete Jungle

The recent film Nomadland shows us that another type of life is possible. A life free of material possessions of the pursuit of buying things we don’t need. Living a life not tied down. Moving at will through the rural parts of the United States. This film by Chris Shimojima can be considered a companion piece to Nomadland. Only this time the setting is in the cities rather than a rural one.

Living his life all over the world. Never staying too long in one place. A digital nomad. Alberto Buenaventura (Alejandro Santoni – appeared in episodes of FBI and Boardwalk Empire) is a photojournalist. Truly an independent one. Working on short term contracts which take him all over the globe. He gets a job, does a job and then moves on.

This time he is in the concrete jungle of New York City. It has come time for him to move on. His next planned destination is in Romania. What he soon discovers is that New York City is not an easy place to leave.

A totally different kind of adventure film. Loads of it is likable. Like the fact that it seems like the filming of it was done in a by the seat of your pants kind of way. Nothing really planned, tons of real action in the background and realife citizens as extras in the film. Total organic/indie feel here. A true to life picture of the good, the bad and the ugly about that one of a kind city, New York City.

Some rather funny moments are coupled with some surprisingly good acting. I say surprisingly in that often with indie films like this one the acting can be a little dodgy. Not the case here.

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