For many around the world The Nutcracker is synonymous with Christmas. A tradition year after year. It has been presented in many formats whether it be ballet, theatre or film. There has been many attempts to capture the magic of the story – some succeed while others fail.

Here we get it in an animated form with crisp high definition images. Plus starring the cat and mouse who have entertained young and old for decades – Tom and Jerry.

Being a tried and true fan of The Nutcracker story, Jerry Mouse it almost seems inevitable that he become part of it. One Christmas Eve, seemingly by magic, he is transported into the Nutcracker ballet. He is soon dancing with the beautiful prima ballerina. The mouse, who is now a prince, is on cloud nine. But as we know from the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon shorts, this happiness is not going to last.

Soon Tom and his cat gang have entered the theatre and taken everyone there prisoner. They even lock the ballerina in a cage. What is Jerry to do? His dream is coming crashing down. Of course, the wily rodent is going to attempt to get the upper hand on his feline foe with some help from his new mouse friend Tuffy.

While many of the more modern takes on classic cartoons don’t work, this one is rather endearing. I would go so far as to say that Hanna and Barbera would approve as it retains much of the original’s style of humour and sense of fun.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Tom and Jerry The Night Before Christmas
  • Tom and Jerry: Santa’s Little Helpers