Dine Alone Recordsis excited to announce that the original score is OUT TODAY for the Jay Baruchel directed horror, Random Acts of Violence by Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire, Gallows) and Andrew “Ango” Macpherson (Goon: Last of the Enforcers, Dark Side of the Ring).

Having lent their talents to the Far Cry video game series, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and horror films like The Ranger (Shudder), MacNeil and Macpherson have created an ominous, yet understated and unsettling style of electronica. Characterised by its atmospheric soundscapes and a pulsating, hypnotic edge, the score perfectly echoes the themes depicted in an uncompromising, visually stunning film.

Says MacNeil, “When you’re scoring a film you are creating a soundtrack for a world that doesn’t exist. Finding the sounds and melodies for that bleak stretch of rust belt highway in ‘Random Acts’ was exhilarating. Making music to frighten people is such a unique way to spend your time in a studio. I love it.” 

Based on the Image Comics graphic novel by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, Random Acts of Violence is an elevated slasher horror that will easily become a cult favourite; scratching the entertainment element of horror whilst searching for the deeper meaning behind the violence. The film explores the idea of legitimising cruelty, and the fact that monsters are not merely monsters, they are broken people. Stretching from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, it holds a mirror up to art, society and violence. 

Wade MacNeil is the founder and guitarist of Alexisonfire, and has also served as frontman of renowned punk band Gallows. In 2017, Wade composed additional music for Jay Baruchel’s comedy Goon: Last of the Enforcers, where he met Andrew. Andrew “Ango” Macpherson is a producer, composer and filmmaker. He has produced music for the likes of Jacques Greene, Machinedrum, Tommy Genesis, Cadence Weapon, Jesse Boykins III, Lunice, Katy B, Syv de Blare and many more.

Andrew has also recorded for UK label LuckyMe Records and produced tracks for labels such as Last Gang, eOne, Ninja Tune, 4AD, B4 Sounds, True Romance and 100%Silk. In 2015, Andrew wrote and produced on the Juno-nominated album Dirty Laundry by Ben Stevenson and he is an alum and studio team member of the Red Bull Music Academy.

Random Acts of Violence Tracklist:

1. There Can Be No Beginning

2. Slasherman Theme Song

3. Welcome To McBain

4. Curious Ghost

5. Kathy’s Book

6. From Myth To Man

7. 1, 12, 18

8. Albany

9. The Tryptch

10. The Churn

11. Who Comes Up With This Stuff

12. Albany (Reprise)

13. 4, 8, 35

14. Return To McBain

15. I Can’t Wait To Show You

16. I Won’t Scream For You

17. Last Page

18. Our Ending

19. Heartland At Night