Un Couteau dans Le Coeur (Knife + Heart) @ Image + Nation Horreur

Originally released in 2018 and screened at the Cannes Film Festival, Yann Gonzalez’s (You and the Night) film Un Couteau dans le Coeur is something else. That means it fits perfectly in the Image + Nation Horreur film festival.

We are in the city of Paris and the year is 1979. Making her living as a producer of low rate gay porn, Anne (Vanessa Paradis – Noce Blanche, Heartbreaker) has everything – a job she loves doing and a love. Then things come crashing down when her love leaves her. Her lover and the editor of the film, Lois (Kate Moran – Saint Laurent, You and the Night), wants out. Anne cannot live with that. It drives her mad. Anne decides that the way to get her lover back is to make a film which is more outrageous starring Archibald (Nicolas Maury – Paris, je t’aime, Dear Prudence).

While attempting this one of the actors gets killed. Murdered actually. Then another one. Someone is killing men working on Anne’s films. Soon she is caught up in the investigation and things go topsy turvy.

Ridiculous! Everything about this film is ridiculous. In a way that is verging on entertaining. It is not quite a good film, but there are plenty of laughs to be had. Laughs at the expense of the over-the-top nature and below par acting. I mean it is a film with a character who is a fluffer called “Mouth of Gold”. Come on! Camp. Laid on thick. If you think that a mixture of John Waters and Pedro Almodovar is a good time then this film is right up your alley.

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