Duke Robillard is no stranger to the music scene with Grammy-nominations and winner of five Blues Awards.  Throughout Robillard’s 50 plus year career he has tackled various musical idioms, including: jazz, jump, swing, ballads, standards, and of course electric and acoustic blues.  The latter undoubtedly representing Robillard’s melodious soul, found here on his latest release: Blues Bash. It’s a party not unlike any other that might of preceded it from the 1950’s era.

The first track on the CD, “Do You Me It” is straight ahead blues, featuring Chris Cote on vocals and an all sax horn section comprising of: Rich Lataille, Greg Piccolo and Doug James.  The other rhythm lineup includes: Al Basile and Sax Gordon. The fabulous musicians on this album shine.  They include: Michelle “Evil Gal” Wilson on vocals, Jesse Williams on bass, Marty Teixerira on drums and Bruce Bears, who rips it on the last track “Just Chillin”.  Montreal Jazz Fest stalwart pianist Bob Welsh and harmonic player Mark Hummel round out the pack.

This 10 track gem of a CD will keep your feet tapping throughout.  There’s nothing fancy about this CD, but the playing is phenomenal and precise.  The artists on this “Blues Bash” are seasoned and capture the golden era of the blues like nothing you’ve heard in a long time. Throw on your dancing shoes and get down to this wonderful foray into the blues with Duke Robillard and his Friends.