Have it delivered… 

After having installed the most controversial Christmas tree in the world at the Place des Festivals in 2016, Sapin MTL makes a spectacular return in its fifth year of activity! The Montreal company offers an online sale and delivery service for natural, top quality Christmas trees. Whether you are busy parents, elderly or confined, you’ll be satisfied by this quick, efficient and very convenient solution in these pandemic days. 

To launch the season, Sapin MTL and video production house ABCDF have created a completely quirky ad campaign featuring the Sapin MTL’s famous clumsy protagonist, who struggles to bring his tree back home. Wandering into a forest, crossing a freezing river, hitchhiking on the highway with a Christmas tree on his back—nothing can stop him! Let’s remind you that the two previous promotional videos of the company have been viewed more than 100,000 times on social media.

Sapin MTL and Aire commune team up to present the Amour d’hiver collection 
Following the success of Amour d’été, a collection of objects to work from home, Aire commune is launching Amour d’hiver with five signature products. White cedar soy candle and room fragrance mister, notebook, laptop and tablet support… The made-in-Quebec Amour d’hiver collection is designed to brighten your winter days of remote work at home. 

Photo:  Marjolaine Groulx

The debate about the most eco-friendly Christmas tree has been going on for a long time. According to a study by sustainable development consulting firm Ellipsos, artificial trees have a three time larger ecological footprint than natural trees. Moreover, buying a natural tree is a way of encouraging the creation of thousands of jobs in rural regions of Quebec! Finally, the fir plantation that supplies Sapin MTL has been growing its trees while respecting the land for more than 30 years.

*** A strict health protocol has been implemented this year in order to avoid any contact between delivery staff and customers. You can order your Christmas tree right away!