She’s Lost Control

In her directorial debut, Anja Maquardt brought some darkness in a story which on the surface didn’t seem like it would go that way. A sexual surrogate working in New York City. Could be fun, no? Or at least sexy. Instead we get the darker side of that occupation.

Working as an independent sexual surrogate in NYC as she is working on her master’s degree, Ronah (Brooke Bloom – Marriage Story, He’s Just Not That Into You) meets all types. Focuses less on the sex part of things, she tries to bring to her clients a level of comfort with intimacy.

Many have issues with getting close to people. None more so than Johnny (Marc Menchaca – from television’s Ozark). He is resistant to everything at first, but soon seems to enjoy the physical part though allowing himself to become vulnerable is a totally different story.

Such is not the case with Ronah though. She is getting too close to her client. The lines between personal and professional are becoming blurred.

A rather modern issue is brought to the forefront here. More and more people are having trouble with intimacy. Getting close. We are all fine and dandy with sex but anything beyond that causes some problems.

There is an intensity to be found here though some subdued elegance at the same time. Matching the visuals colours of greys and blacks, the tone here is rather cold. Almost mechanical. Until there are outbursts. Then all hell breaks loose. Indicating that because many of us keep emotions at arm’s length that when they do leak through we cannot handle them. How many of us live a life in isolation emotionally, which is even more appropriate or timely in today’s world than it was even six years ago.

The downside is the ending. It is the weakest part of the film. Not a very satisfying resolution at all. Almost like the story just fell off a cliff to splatter on the ground below.

Originally released in 2014, you can now stream the film on