It’s an unusual request.

Another guest at the small town hotel where Abby Sorensen is staying asks her to pretend to be his wife. Just for a few minutes. He flew from New York to reignite the flame with his old high school girlfriend, the beautiful, impetuous Kayla, only to discover she’s now married with two kids. But Kayla decides she wants him after all, and has shown up at the hotel drunk and demanding sex. But Luke isn’t a home wrecker, so if Abby, a married woman in town for her estranged brother’s funeral, could just say she’s his wife the problem will be solved.

What could go wrong? It’s not like two strangers pretending to be husband and wife could possibly fall in love….

The resulting mix of romance, heartbreak, second thoughts and laughs makes a very entertaining cocktail in this sophisticated comedy-drama from the proven team of Joan Carr-Wiggin and veteran producers David Gordian and Alan Latham.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU stars Natasha Little (War of the Worlds, Night Manager, Vanity Fair), Rupert Penry-Jones (M.I.5, Persuasion), Rachel Blanchard (You Me Her, Fargo), Linda Kash (Best In Show) and stand-up comedian Mark Forward, along with Duane Murray, Ace Hicks, Zach Smadu and Christopher Jacot.

The film was written and directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin (The Bet, If I Were You).

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