We all come to a time where retirement is the only option. Time has passed us and the output we were formerly capable of we no longer are. I think the time has come for one of the best stunt guy/martial artist in films/action-comedy actors in modern film history. I mean Jackie Chan. He is now 66-years-old and what he used to do in films is really hard on the body. I think it is time to hang it up.

I say all this not to be mean (though it might sound like that is exactly what I am being), but after watching his latest film Vanguard it is really the only conclusion you can draw. Instead of doing what we have come to expect from him he spends most of the film on the periphery. No real one on one fights featuring Chan. Most everything of the action variety is left to his younger co-stars.

Vanguard, a covert security company, seems to be the only hope for an accountant who has a mercenary organization after him. He has taken something from them, so they take his daughter Mi Ya (Miya Muqi – Warriors of the Nation, The Pluto Moment) hostage. So the accountant hires Vanguard to help him.

This is the ninth film collaboration for director/screenwriter Stanley Tong (Rumble in the Bronx, First Strike) and Jackie Chan. This one aims to be your stereotypical action film which travels across the globe – India, China, Zambia, London, and Dubai – to provide different backdrops for the gun and hand to hand battles.

For a film which relies so heavily on action it really doesn’t bring anything cool or new to the table. It is all rehashed stuff you have seen before. Plus not done as well. Clichéd and not very entertaining, I had a hard time staying concentrated on what was happening.  

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