Metal Injection has posted the performance video of MEGADETH + CARCASS + TESTAMENT + ABYSMAL DAWN members covering ENTOMBED A.D.’s “Living Dead”, feat. Steve Di Giorgio, Dirk Verbeuren, Tom Draper and Charles Elliot, taken from Slay At Home – November edition. Powered by Blacklight Media Records Blacklight Media Records in support of Animal Welfare Institute. (Donate:

Steve stated:
“Check out this Entombed A.D. cover jam!!! It was part of the Metal Injection – Slay At Home show. Really cool to jam together with these guys and cover some old school death metal. Entombed was a big influence on me in the early days; the 1st album as well as the Nihilist demo. You can hear that influence in some of the stuff I wrote on Sadus – Swallowed In Black. 
You probably know by now, the singer of Entombed A.D., Lars Petrov is not doing very well. He’s still in the hospital in Stockholm doing chemotherapy for a brutal cancer. I want to dedicate this video and my performance to LG. One of the nicest guys, and a funny dude. Hoping this tribute can shine a tiny light in a dark place.