What do you get when you mix Hollywood in the early 90’s with velvet ropes, a cast of characters that include some of the biggest names in the industry, a brutal unsolved murder and the paranormal? You get “Dragonfly: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery,” a True-Crime Podcast that will focus on the cold case murder of music executive, club promoter and member of the early 90’s Hollywood “It Crowd” Brett Cantor. Before his death at 25 years old Brett’s future was on the fast track and showed no signs of slowing down. Not only had he started work at Chrysalis Music Group as an A&R Executive, he was dating actress Rose McGowan and was responsible for discovering legendary alternative bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Jane’s Addiction. The newest bingeable True-Crime Podcast premieres on November 11, 2020 on Apple, Spotify, Google, Castbox, and other popular podcast platforms. A preview of the first episode titled “Prelude: The Dark Side of Hollywood” will be available on November 5, 2020 which would have been Brett Cantor’s 53rd birthday.

Our story follows Brett’s early years growing up in Beverly Hills to rising music mogul. The son of influential music manager, Paul Cantor who helped guide the careers of platinum selling artists BJ Thomas and Dionne Warwick. Brett had a privileged life growing up amongst Hollywood royalty, attending Beverly Hills High and sharing the legendary school hallways with celebs including Lenny Kravitz, Nicolas Cage, Pauly Shore, Joely Fisher, David Schwimmer, and even the infamous Menendez Brothers.

Brett’s life was on a collision course with fate when he was last seen alive leaving Club 435 North in Beverly Hills on July 30, 1993 at 1:00am, three hours later he would be murdered in his West Hollywood apartment. His body would be found 24 hours later by his older brother Cliff Cantor with the case remaining unsolved to this day. Brett’s tragic murder sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. In addition to his impressive career in the music industry, Brett formed his own promotion company, Underground Entertainment, which threw some of the largest raves in Los Angeles. Cantor was at the top of his game and added club owner to his resume by signing on as a partner with nightclub impresario Steve Edelson in the famous Hollywood Nightclub Dragonfly.

Aiding in this fascinating and controversial cold case investigation will be Pat Tapia, a 38-year veteran of law enforcement, where he was an elite member of the LA County Sheriff’s “Homicide Bulldogs,” and supervised the Homicide Gang Task Force Unit. He joins co-hosts Jacy Nova, and Thom Dre on this shocking True-Crime journey. Over the course of the seven episodes, Pat Tapia will go undercover with Criminal Profiler Paul Delhauer to investigate the mysterious circumstances and questionable characters involved in Brett’s murder. He will review details from the original homicide investigation, coroner’s notes, and together with the team they will investigate all angles of the murder, including the many conspiracy theories surrounding Brett’s death.

“Dragonfly: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery” will follow the trail of clues left behind and feature exclusive interviews with Brett Cantor’s family, closest friends, and Rick Jackson, the original lead homicide detective assigned to the investigation. They will speak publicly for the first time about Cantor’s cold case and who they believe may be responsible for his murder. The series will include a behind the scenes look at the OJ Simpson trial and how Cantor’s case became the subject of renewed interest when the defense team tried to tie his murder to the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. Through Pat Tapia and the team’s extensive investigative work, the series will reveal shocking new details discovered about the case that they hope will lead to the arrest of the those responsible for Brett Cantor’s murder.

For more information on “Dragonfly: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery” Podcast and to join the conversation about the unsolved murder of Brett Cantor, please check out their official website, YouTube and, Facebook pages.