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Genre blending pop rock sensation Jeris Johnson gives breakout single “damn!” a fresh take with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. The remix seamlessly blends Jeris and Chad’s heavy-hitting grunge vocals over the illustrious banjo beat. 

Jeris Johnson has garnered a devout cult following on TikTok for his genre-transforming reworks of popular songs. As he picked up traction on the platform following the success of “damn!,” which reached #19 on the Shazam charts and was included on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, fans were quick to compare Jeris to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger both in aesthetics and sonics. After many requests for a Nickelback cover, Jeris posted a trap rework of the band’s iconic single “Rockstar,” which has accumulated millions of views since. Following the countless comments likening him to Kroeger, Jeris reached out to Chad and invited him to put his own flair on his single “damn!”

On the high-energy “damn!” remix, Chad Kroeger adds a new verse to the track with his striking vocals and calibrated melodic flow. Paying homage to Nickelback’s hit song “Rockstar,” Chad flips the narrative from the desirous nature of the original lyrics to highlighting his achievement of the rockstar status. Between Chad Kroeger’s contribution to the track and Jeris’ new verse, the “damn!” remix perfectly pairs Chad’s raspy vocal offerings with Jeris’ raw energy and gritty melodies, culminating into a bold, exhilarating rework.

Jeris Johnson is a bold and burgeoning artist who constantly pushes musical boundaries. His early metal influences and experimentation with pop and EDM led him to form a one-of-a-kind pop rock sound that blends raw energy, gritty melodies and unapologetic emotions. With influences from Slipknot and Ski Mask, Jeris’ music experiments with the duality of grunge and beauty, boldness and vulnerability. Recently signed to 300 Entertainment, Jeris is excited to redefine genres, push boundaries, and create a whole new sonic wave. Jeris Johnson has crafted a new genre, which he coined “Future Grunge”, which has already caught on with his fans. ​With the construction of the “Future Grunge” genre and a debut album on the way, Jeris Johnson is changing the game and cementing himself as the future of music.

“The damn! remix was born from tiktok just like the original song. A sea of comments read “THIS GIVES ME NICKELBACK VIBES”. So I thought fuck it, let’s call up the legend Chad Kroeger himself and see if he’d be down. I was literally shocked when he said yes lol. But that’s the magic of the time period we live in. My fans were literally just fucking around in the comments and little did they know what it would turn into. A lot of my tiktok has been about that interactivity with the fans and I love that we can all just come together and think of whatever crazy fucking idea and actually make it happen. That’s what I’m all about. Zero boundaries, zero rules, anything’s possible.”

– Jeris Johnson

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