Sex @ image + nation

My final film from the image + nation festival was not a film at all. Sex is a Danish series. A six part series. Largely concerns itself with how in our twenties that sex often preoccupies us more than anything else. Who we are attracted to, who we are dating, how often we have sex, etc. Makes sense, that in pretty much every country around the world, there are series and films which focus on sex in our twenties.

Here the web series revolves around Cathrine (Asta Kamma August), a twentysomething who lives with her musician boyfriend Simon and works at a call centre which gives sex advice.

Despite the fact that she doles out all this advice to people who call in, Cathrine’s own sex life is a bit of a mess.

At the same time she and Simon are having troubles, Cathrine finds a growing attraction to her co-worker Selma. Another night of Simon not wanting to have sex with her leads to a hot kiss between her and Selma. Cathrine keeps all this chaos from everyone, even her best friend Nanna.

Set in Copenhagen, here we look at the uncertainty of this time in our lives. How we are really trying to forge our identities, figure out who we are and what we want. Mistakes are going to be made and lessons will be learned.

Though on the surface it seems like the issue in Cathrine and Simon’s relationship is sex or the fact that they are not having any. The longer this goes on the more she focuses on it and her horniness grows. Really what the problem is that she and Simon are no longer communicating. On a human level. The lack of sex is a symptom of that; it is not the cause of their problems.

Even within long term relationships a lack of communication about sex is the usual. People are too embarrassed to talk about what they need or like even with the person they are closest with. Peaks and valleys sexually within a relationship is the norm.

Interesting is how Cathrine gives other people advice about sex, but cannot seem to talk about her own issues. A character with flaws. Makes her relatable. We can see ourselves in Cathrine even if we are not going through the same exact thing.

Another interesting aspect of the series is that Cathrine is exploring her sexuality. Trying to figure out who she is attracted to. Also good to have a series which shows that this type of exploration is totally normal. Cool aspect is that being gay or not is not the focal point of what is going on. It is about the fact that she finds herself attracted to someone other than her boyfriend. Identity and infidelity become intertwined.

Each episode is just over 10 minutes long which makes them very digestible. Easy to binge watch them all in one sitting.