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During this new confinement, Cinéma Moderne offers films that take us into different worlds without having to leave the comfort of our home. Film buffs of all ages are invited to visit the Cinéma Moderne website to take advantage of this holiday program.

Cinéma Moderne offers three new releases during the winter break. Nine years after his award-winning Martha Marcy May MarleneSean Durkin offers The Nest (from December 20), a fascinating marital drama in which the spouses (Jude Law and Carrie Coon) engage in a power game. Noticed at Sundance, Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg‘s Possessor (from January 2) taps into our fears with a bloody and cerebral film set in an alternate version of the 21st century dominated by new technologies. With the documentary Zappa (from December 22), filmmaker Alex Winter reveals through unpublished archives the universe of the prolific and singular musician Frank Zappa.

The platform also offers a selection of award-winning shorts from the 2020 edition of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma curated by Émilie Poirier, and At Eternity’s Gate by Julian Schnabel, a disarmingly playful film about the life of Vincent Van Gogh played by Willem Dafoe, seen at the Venice Film Festival.

Christmas adventures for young and old are already available online. We are offering Un conte de Noël by Arnaud Desplechin, a work seen at Cannes in 2008 about a complex family meeting on Christmas Eve, starring Catherine Deneuve and Mathieu Amalric. For the youngest, a double Christmas program of two short films, Myrtille et la lettre au Père Noël and Le Père Frimas, will be available for the 4-year-olds and older. From 6 years old, children can discover Aïlo: une odyssée en Laponie, a documentary winter tale following a young reindeer in his discovery of the world around him, which is both wonderful and wild.

In this cold weather, Cinéma Moderne also invites the public to see Steve Patry‘s documentary I Might Be Dead By Tomorrow, a new December release that deals with homelessness in an intimate and non-judgmental way. A necessary film for the understanding of the difficulties that afflict a forgotten part of the population, especially in winter.

Available until January 11: Life After Life, After Death, a program of four feature films directed by Black creators, curated by filmmaker Miryam Charles and co-presented by 24 images. The films, Losing GroundThe Watermelon WomanJean of Joneses and Black Cop, are accompanied by a conversation between Charles and African American guest artists, who will discuss the themes addressed in each of the works. Also curated by Miryam Charles in collaboration with the BIPOC artist collective Boiling Point, the short film program Pays rêvés, pays réel can still be seen on the Cinéma Moderne website.


The Cinéma Moderne merch bag, in different sizes and colours, is a great way to please our favourite moviegoers while encouraging the sustainability of the venue. Gift cards are also available for purchase and can be used as soon as the theatre reopens.

To see the full list: cinemamoderne.com/en/virtual-cinema


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