Part of what the group Sultans of String tries to bring to people through its music is an introduction to sounds they might not have heard before. Via the musical genre of world music. To do so they often collaborate with other musicians. Refuge is not just a collection of songs, rather it is a political statement. The Toronto based group’s, made up of bassist Drew Birston, guitarist Kevin Laliberte, Cuban percussionist Rosendo Chendy Leon, violinist Chris McKhool, and guitarist Eddie Paton, seventh album brings to the forefront the positive contributions which refugees and other immigrants have brought to North America. To accentuate the tracks which feature sounds from Israel, the U.S. South and the Middle East, they have guests jump on board. Guests like U.S. banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck, Israeli singer Yasmin Levy, Iraqi violin player Imah Al Taha, Iranian santurist Amir Amiri and even Somali poet Ifrah Mansour. All are new immigrants to North America. Besides bringing their talents to the music they demonstrate what immigrants bring and how collaborating with them brings about something different but beautiful.