DJ XL5, the famous DJ/VJ of the Fantasia festival, is back to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his charity and festive event! This is something not to be missed because it will be the last chance to discover or relive this delirious experience! To forget for one damn evening about COVID-19, the American elections, the economic slump, and the plotters that offered us 2020, nothing better than this event with festive programming, playful and wild. 

Here is the holiday gift from DJ XL5, THE CHRISTMAS ZAPPIN’ PARTY, which will also feature MC Gilles, happening on Sunday, December 27 at 9 p.m. on the Facebook page of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

What’s a Zappin’ Party?

Those of you who have already experienced a DJ XL5 event know what to expect: a crazy, eclectic and entertaining journey, all psychotronicly assembled! DJ XL5 shows film clips, trailers, short films, TV clips and music videos as music DJs use songs and samples to create compilations or mix tapes. The final product stands out as amusing critique of popular culture, from zapping to television as a source of family entertainment and the strange world in which we live.


With DJ XL5’S CHRISTMAS ZAPPIN’ PARTY, you have an appointment with psychopathic, neurotic, abused, fascist Santa Claus accompanied by their colleagues, the Nazi elves! These Santas come from Mexico, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and even the future. A joyous mix of beloved films and holiday cinematic UFOs. On the program, excerpts from more than 40 holiday films. Audiences will also be treated to clips of bizarre TV specials such as The Star Wars Holiday Special, Goldorak’s Christmas, He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, Ultraman’s Christmas and other TV curiosities. In total, more than 100 film clips, TV specials, commercials, music videos, cartoons, trailers and some thematic short films. Since 2010, the program continues to grow and this year offers you new short films and new exclusive animations created especially by Daphne 4000 and Rachel Samson.

Special participation of MC Gilles

DJ XL5’s Christmas Zappin’ Party will also feature an exclusive video presentation by MC Gilles who will use the event to showcase his quirky collection of holiday records to the public. Christmas will never be the same again…

This Christmas, get ready to give and receive!

In the spirit of the holidays, FANTASIA, DJ XL5 and MC Gilles are organizing this event to collect donations for the needy and the homeless. For example, we encourage you to make cash donations to DANS LA RUE,which helps homeless youth, and MOISSON MONTREAL, the Montreal food bank, because no one should be alone or hungry during the holidays. At the same time, this event wishes to recognize the dedication, deep respect and generosity shown by these two organizations and thus raise public awareness of their community missions.

No Santa Claus was injured in the preparation of this project.

DJ XL5’s Christmas Zappin’ Party – Everything Christmas Shouldn’t Be!

Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 9 p.m., live on the official Facebook page of the Fantasia International Film Festival:

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Dans la Rue:

Moisson Montreal