Indie Montreal‘s IMTL Press is proud to unveil “Mea Culpa”, the latest single from Montreal rapper Kareem, which addresses the difficult subject of suicide. Accompanied by an official music video, the single will be available on all streaming platforms as of January 29th.

A Montreal-based rapper of Moroccan origin, Kareem hit the French hip-hop scene at a fresh 15 years old, when he formed his very first group No Self Control. Since then, he has multiplied his stage appearances by collaborating with Eva Avila, among others. In addition to having released 3 albums over the last 15 years, he reached the semi-finals of the Hip Hop 4 Ever contest over two consecutive years, and has twice participated in the program Le Garage, broadcast on Radio-Canada and ARTV. Finally, last October, he released the single “Osiris”.

A true poet, he now offers his latest creation “Mea Culpa”, a song about the root cause of suicide. The aon of immigrants, Kareem finds inspiration directly from his experiences with an absent father and a mother he was forced to avoid seeing for several years. His music video wonderfully illustrates the track’s poignant lyrics ; the listener is invited into the artist’s at-times-treaturous creative process.

With this song, Kareem hopes to open a door to dialogue and motivate people to recognize and face their moments of weakness – hence the title “Mea Culpa” – especially in this period of confinement, which can be very difficult for many who are already fragile.

About Kareem

Kareem is a Moroccan-born rapper based in Montreal. Evolving mainly on the French hip-hop scene, he describes his style as “Urban Grunge”. As the son of immigrants, his life experience colors his lyrics, sometimes poignant, in a relentless poetry. Over the last 15 years, he has released three albums, which have earned him several media releases and collaborations with artists such as Eva Avila.