A Film by Antoine Raimbault
 As a juror at Jacques Viguier’s trial, Nora (Marina Foïs) is convinced that he did not kill his wife. This intuition quickly becomes an obsession. She persuades Eric Dupond-Moretti (Olivier Gourmet), the most famous lawyer in the country to defend him. Together they start a compulsive fight to prove his innocence against all odds. That quest has a price they might not be ready to pay.

The Girl with the Bracelet
A Film by Stéphane Demoustier
 At 16 years old, Lise (Melissa Guers) is accused of murdering her best friend. As the trial starts, her parents (Roschdy Zem and Chiara Mastroianni) stand right by her side. But once her secret life is revealed in court, the truth becomes indistinguishable.

Fool’s Mate (Le Coup de Berger)
A Film by Jacques Rivette
 Claire (Virginie Vitry) is given a gorgeous fur coat by her lover, Claude (Jean-Claude Brialy). To avoid raising her sleepy husband’s suspicions (Etienne Loinod), she hatches a plan to “find” a baggage claim ticket on the floor of a cab. Claim the bag, see that it contains a fur coat – and voilà! – she can wear it without fear. “The perfect crime,” as her lover says… But is it?

FOOL’S MATE is a tautly paced short drama that unfolds like a chess match, with moves and counter-moves as each side tries to outwit the other. The digital restoration highlights the film’s exquisite cinematography. Virginie Vitry is a sexy, pouty, luminous lead, and the film features cameos by Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, and Claude Chabrol.

Spotlight on Actor Gabriel Byrne
 Gabriel Byrne, known for his performances in “The Usual Suspects” and “In Treatment” is coming out with a memoir next week as highlighted in a profile in the New York Times.

To celebrate his work, we’re recommending two films starring Gabriel Byrne for you to watch this weekend: I Anna, a film noir told from the perspective of an mysterious woman (Charlotte Rampling), a key suspect in a murder case, who becomes an obsession for the detective in charge of the investigation, and Just a Sigh, a film that erupts with vivid insights of a burning love evolving between two characters and also stars Emmanuelle Devos.