By many in the industry or big fans of film the 1970s is seen as a high point. A time when films were of high quality and addressed topical issues. As such, just like the 80s in music, many a director has attempted to bring the decade’s look and tone into films being made today.

Climate of the Hunter, directed and co-written by Mickey Reece (Queerbait, Walrus), was originally released in 2019. It is totally an ode to 70s films. In tone, look, absurdity, and kitsch factor. The script continues the weirdness and even makes attempts at humour.

Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head when two middle aged sisters, Alma (Ginger Gilmartin – Heartland, Wildlife) and Elizabeth (Mary Buss – Mono, Camp Cold Brook), compete for the affections of the same man. A strange man. A man they have known since they were young.

Wesley (Ben Hall – The Gunslingers, Time Expired) was the sisters’ friend, but they have not seen him for around two decades. By inviting him for dinner one night they attempt a reconnection.

The sisters are not especially close so their relationship cannot really handle this kind of stress or friction. At the family cablin the dinner is filled with tension as the sisters try to one up each other. Strange things happen and it seems like each of the sisters is beginning to lose their minds.

Very stylized. Will only appeal to a small section of film watchers. Most will be put off by the old fashioned style, bad acting, silly story, and oddness. That being said, I can see this being adored by cult film fanatics.

The film has screened at plenty of festivals and even at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Fest.