Being a successful family man is probably not what Marquis (played by Omari Hardwick) pictured for himself as a young person. Mostly because he comes from a poor, rural background. But he has made something of himself and in the process has turned his back on where he comes from

That comes to a sudden end when he finds out his father has died. Marquis decides to fly with his wife Veora (played by Lorraine Burroughs) and two kids, Samsara (played by Hannah Gonera) and Tydon (played by Kalifa Burton) back to the backwoods of Appalachia for his father’s funeral.

On the way there the small plane gets caught in a storm and goes crashing to the ground. Upon awakening, Marquis finds himself injured and his family nowhere in sight. Soon Ms. Eloise (played by Loretta Devine) appears and tells him he was the only one found in the wreckage and she has been taking care of him.

Far away from any hospital, she has undertaken the healing of Marquis. But not in your traditional way. It involves a Hoodoo figure called Boogity which she constructed from his skin and blood. Injured and unable to call for help, Marquis is at her mercy as she does not want him to leave.

Now it becomes a cat and mouse game of wits for Marquis to get away and save his family from some sort of evil ritual which is about to take place during the rise of the blood moon.

Phew….that is a lot, isn’t it? Plenty seems to be going on from that description. All seems creepy and sinister at first glance. The perfect recipe for a horror film. Looks can be deceiving though….

Nothing new is introduced here. Tired old tropes of horror are used yet again. Plus several aspects of the story make no sense whatsoever. Made me begin to question my own sanity. Then there is the dialogue. Oh my! No one actually speaks that way. All this totally removes you from the story and allows for little to no tension being built up.

The only bright lights here are the acting of lead Hardwick, who tries his best, and the way the film looks. Cinematographer Jacques Jouffret, who has previously worked on films like Mile 22 and The Purge: Election Year, brings his A game.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-15 Deleted Scenes

-The Art of Hoodoo