The Round Table on Black History Month is celebrating its 30th year—three decades of highlighting the journeys and successes of Black communities, to build bridges with others. Fabrice Vil and Michael P. Farkas, two figures very involved in their communities, are the proud spokespeople for this year, which is once again presented by TD Bank.
Fabrice Vil, a lawyer and social entrepreneur who works with his organization Pour 3 Points and speaks out in favour of equal opportunities for all, noted that “Black History Month is a time to come together since we can all take part in events that help us better understand the realities of Black people in Quebec and elsewhere, both from historical and contemporary perspectives. This special month is all the more meaningful this year, as it follows on the heels of the ascension of the Black Lives Matter movement, which calls on us to fully recognize the value of Black lives.

Michael P. Farkas is very passionate about Black history. He spends most of his time working with his community to develop ideas and start projects to help make the world a better place. “Reaching the 30-year mark is a remarkable achievement, and I congratulate all the individuals and organizations, past and present, who work to bear witness to our history and believe in the importance of this mission. Without them, all this wouldn’t have been possible. Let’s celebrate 30 years of successes to ensure we continue to work and to share the stories of Quebec’s Black people, from 1628 into the distant future.


The laureates in the 2021 calendar have demonstrated a sustained commitment to others and have positively impacted those around them.

“Let’s make the most of this special time, to share the history, cultures, journeys, challenges, and successes of Quebecers from Black communities. For centuries now, they have played—and continue to play—a key role in Quebec society. We are fortunate to count among us so many truly inspiring Black figures who have propelled Quebec onto the international scene and made us proud! Let’s celebrate our successes and tackle the obstacles that remain, so we can make Quebec ever more open, welcoming, and full of opportunity for all Quebecers. Congratulations to all of the laureates!” Nadine Girault, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie; Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration; and Minister Responsible for the Laurentides Region.

ANGELO CADET is a seasoned communicator who has made his mark by working in every sphere of Quebec’s culture scene. 

CLAUDE DAUPHIN is a musicologist and professor emeritus at UQAM who specializes in 18th-century European music and the ways in which its identity changed in the Americas when it came into contact with African and Native American cultures.

DOMINIQUE FONTAINE is an exhibition curator and consultant in contemporary art and arts management, and a driving force behind major exhibitions that reflect Black realities. 

GUY MUSHAGALUSA CHIGOHO is the general director and founder of the Afromuseum, and is a passionate gallery owner and collector of African art. 

HENRI ROBERT DURANDISSE is a well-respected citizen with more than 30 years of social engagement, particularly in the field of education.

VERA BARRINGTON is a nurse by trade who has been involved as a volunteer with the Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal.

WILSON SANON is a man waging a crucial fight against sickle cell anemia, a chronic orphan blood disease that claimed his son’s life. He is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of blood donation and research.

AUVRIL EDWARDS is a caring citizen involved with the LaSalle Multicultural Resource Center, who has a passion for socioeconomic equity.

FRANTZ VOLTAIRE is a renowned historian and political scientist who founded the Centre International de Documentation et d’Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne and is the author of very influential works.

KEMBA MITCHELL is a tireless activist fighting for the Montreal Black community’s emancipation and advancement, and is a volunteer with the West Island Black Community Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island.

CHRISTOPHER HERON is an emphatic ambassador for gospel music and is the driving force behind multiple-award-winning program Mind, Soul & Spirit on CKUT 90.3 FM.

RÉGINE ALENDE TSHOMBOKONGO is dedicated to easing the plight of immigrant women, for which she founded the Centre d’encadrement pour jeunes femmes immigrantes, and to recognizing and highlighting their talents.
 The Laureates’ complete biographies are available at moishistoiredesnoirs.com/en/laureats-en.
Black History Month will take place all across Quebec from February 1 to 28, 2021. To find out everything about the complete schedule for Black History Month, visit moishistoiredesnoirs.com/en today.