First Blush

First film for director Victor Neumark is a tricky one. He attempts a tricky one here. It is not your usual romance film in that there is one more person added to the mix. Polyamorous relationships. Sexuality and how we define and look at it has changed quite a bit over the past decade or so. So it makes sense that this has affected relationships. So we find ourselves with new possibilities and opportunities.

It is hard enough to satisfy the needs of two people in a relationship when you add a third….woah! Lots of needs, wants and desires to work out.

Drew (Drew Caraway – Exit Zero) and Nena (Rachel Alig – Live Nude Girls, Bachelor Night) seem to be a happily married young couple. Then they meet Olivia (Kate Beecroft – 6 Underground) and everything changes. All are attracted to each other and decide to become a trio. After a fun night of drinking and sex then reality sets in. Complications arise. Feelings are hurt. Boundaries are crossed. Things which were stable begin to crumble.

While this is a low budget film there is a lot to like here. Originality goes a long way in my books. Even a slight twist can breathe fresh air into a tired genre. Neumark takes the high road here and the triumvirate’s coming together is not all about sex. Sure it is a part, but so are emotions.

I, for one, am glad to see that the rom-com genre is evolving. Changing with the times. Not just traditional male-female relationships. Well, that still makes up the bulk of films, slowly but surely other voices and realities are creeping in.

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