Chicago-bred production duo Louis The Child release their brand-new single entitled “Somewhere Else” with genre-blending singer and songwriter, BabyJake, along with the music video. The video, directed by Chase O’Black, finds Louis The Child and BabyJake running through a variety of beautiful landscapes periodically stopping to be present in the moment, which perfectly captures the song’s meaning about self-discovery and constantly chasing after a more fulfilling life. “Somewhere Else” with BabyJake is available now at all digital retail providers via Interscope Records.

Louis The Child says about the track, “Life is full of ups and downs, moments where you’re completely here and times where you feel lost or detached. Making this song with Jake felt therapeutic in a way. We could hear him addressing his current mental state and some of the moments that lead him here. It wasn’t what we expected to make that day, but in the best way possible.”

BabyJake also adds, “It’s sort of a self-reflection of my truth. When I say I’m ‘somewhere else’ I’m really saying ‘all I really wanted to do was get here [hollywood/my dream], and now that I’m here I realize I’m still lost’. So to all the people who feel lost, it’s not just you…I’m living my dream and still searching for that somewhere else.”

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