Ben Dobyns, President of The Fantasy Network (TFN) and actors-turned-creators Justin Price and Franziska Schissler, principals of Baby Monster Entertainment are very pleased to announce that Season One of the sci-fi/action/adventure television series, Paragon: The Shadow Wars, starring Schissler, Price, Danny Trejo (The Fixer, Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn), Amin Joseph (Snowfall, Stuber, Stock Option), and Dilan Gwyn (Beyond, Dracula Untold, Da Vinci’s Demons) will be coming to subscribers on the streaming platform, The Fantasy Network.
Season One of Paragon: The Shadow Wars, (six 45-min episodes) is co-directed and co-written by Justin Price (Wrong Place, Wrong Time; The Mummy Rebirth, Almost Amazing, The Cloth), Khu (Dark Cupid, Snare) and Franziska Schissler (Prod: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Actor: Debbie and the Devil, Hollow Bedrooms, Soul Hunters, The Dawnseeker) and produced by Price and Schissler. Paragon: The Shadow Wars, made in association with Baby Monster Entertainment and Pikchure Zero, first dropped on Amazon Prime on December 31, 2020 and has been announced to release on Tubi and the SyFy channel in the next months.
In a world where Reapers take souls and demons bargain with humans for their place among the food chain, a new descendent named Jael has emerged to stop Death’s plan to reset the world. What ensues is a wildly exciting adventure around the globe and beyond and a relentless fight against the evil forces to preserve what’s left of our humanity.

“It’s been such an amazing journey bringing this mystical world to life. I feel very blessed to have been able to film and travel over the world and take in aspects of each country and culture and have them feed into the storytelling. I had dreamt of visiting some of these spots since I was a kid. We got to shoot in the US, Germany, Cambodia, Japan and Iceland, and it was one great adventure. So grateful to have a legend like Danny on board who was an absolute pleasure to work with,” said series creator, Justin Price. 
TFN has collaborated with Paragon: The Shadow Wars’ producers to go beyond passive streaming for the series’ Season One release. Subscribers will not only be able to watch the show, but can sign up on the “watch” page to help support future episodes and productions, as well as catch appearances by Paragon: The Shadow Wars creators and cast on TFN’s livestream channels. By empowering fans to connect directly with creators, The Fantasy Network helps both to continue telling the stories that they love. Wherever fans first discover Paragon: The Shadow Wars —on Amazon, Tubi, or TFN itself—The Fantasy Network’s unique, interactive platform is where viewers are encouraged to take the next step and become part of a show’s sustaining community.

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