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From Montreal Director Elza Kephart

International Online Premiere – March 18, 2021

Canada Online Premiere – March 23, 2021

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Andy Warhol said he wanted to die with his blue jeans on. Director Elza Kephart could have made his wish come true.

Producers Patricia Gomez Zlatar and Anne-Marie Gélinas are extremely pleased to announce the online premiere of the satire horrifique, SLAXX, directed by Elza Kephart (Graveyard Alive, Go in the Wilderness, thevampire television series, Sweet Blood (in dev.)) starring Romane Denis (True North, Nomades II, Charlotte a du fun,Les Pays d’en Haut), Brett Donahue (Private Eyes, Bad Blood, The Other Kingdom), Sehar Bojani (The Handmaid’s Tale, Sex & Ethnicity, Coroner), Stephen Bogaert (The Umbrella Academy, It Chapter Two, It, X-Men: Apocalypse), and Kenny Wong (Transplant, Pretty Hard Cases, Dystonia). The film will drop on March 18 in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand on Shudder, and on March 23 in Canada on Google, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Illico.

Co-written by Kephart and Patricia Gomez Zlatar (Graveyard Alive), SLAXX is produced by EMAFilms in association with Head on the Door Productions and executive produced by Shaked Berenson (Turbo Kid, Tales of Halloween, Big Ass Spider!). Filmed in the cities of Montréal and Laval, in the province of Québec, SLAXX, Kephart’s third feature, had its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival and its international premiere at the Sitges International Film Festival.

SLAXX tells the story of a possessed pair of jeans brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy, uber self-righteous clothing company, Canadian Cotton Clothiers (CCC). At the company’s flagship store, the gung-ho staff are pulling an all-nighter under tight security to set up the new collection. With the brass on site and a mega-influencer arriving to promote the launch, a salesgirl wearing the jeans finally discovers what a true Size 0 waist means. As the body count mounts, panicked staff scatter and the struggle for survival begins. It is up to idealistic employee, Libby, to uncover the reason behind SLAXX’s blood thirst before its evil is released into the world.

SLAXX came to Patricia and me over 20 years ago during a road trip. We were teasing each other about words we hated, and ‘slacks’ was one of them. I can’t believe that what started as a gag actually materialised into a feature film with a powerful message. The key to SLAXX, beyond killer pants, was characters we could root for. Through gallons of blood and miles of creepy corridors, the cast delivered with amazing humour and camaraderie. It was a wonderful experience. I am so psyched to finally be sharing SLAXX all across the planet! In this strange and difficult period, I look forward to bringing the zaniness of killer pants to all!” said Director Elza Kephart.

Cinematography by Steve Asselin (1991, Corbo, Trotteur), costume design by Eric Poirer (Beans, Turbo Kid, 19-2, War Witch (Rebelle)), editing by Mirenda Ouellet (Amour Cougar: au-delà du mythe, L’Imposteur, Geek Girls) and jeans brought to life by Blood Brothers FX (Beans, Blood Quantum, The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches).