Around the world, millions of people are living with Parkinson’s Disease, and a throwback rock & roll song from Canadian singer/songwriter Taylor Abrahamse is aimed at creating awareness around the chronic, degenerative neurological disorder and raise funds for its research.
Out Like A Light,” found on Abrahamse’s 2020 self-titled debut, sounds as timeless as it does immediate, harkening back to classic rock, while feeling just modern enough to cut through the pop hits of today.

The inspirational and warm music video—in partnership with the Michael J Fox Foundation, Parkinson Canada, and the Davis Phinney Foundation—features Abrahamse and his mother attending a local TKO boxing program, an initiative that helps people with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms and improve their mobility.

“I’m glad to be doing something for the Parkinson’s community that has helped my mom out so much, and I’m so proud of her for finding the courage to appear in the video,” Abrahamse says. “We took a tough situation and made lemonade, and I’m glad to see the positive impact the video is already having for people with PD & their families.”

And while Parkinson’s is no cakewalk, the tenacity, determination, and sheer joy of every video participant—who agreed to be filmed at their most vulnerable time—is moving to watch. The music video is touching with its home movie style, and offers a snapshot into the lives of people with Parkinson’s – both the trials, and their loving, supportive families. Taylor’s mother chimes in near the end of the video with a hopeful message of enduring the disease with help from TKO.

Pair all of that with Abrahamse’s energetic guitar work, soaring harmonies, and overall dynamic range as a musician, and “Out Like A Light,” shines as a powerful piece of Canadian rock n’ roll linked to an important cause.

Notably as well, “Out Like A Light” was produced by the Grammy-award-winning engineer/producer Eddie Kramer, who has worked with Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Michelle Branch, Led Zeppelin & The Beatles to name but a few.

Taylor is also no stranger to show business. Beginning as a five-year-old Elvis impersonator at county fairs, and writing songs since he was 12. Around the same time, he pursued an acting career and landed many interesting roles including a recurring role on Doc, which starred Billy Ray Cyrus. Taylor worked with Miley Cyrus on an episode of Doc andremembers “talking her ear off about how great Queen was” and her jealous boyfriend “chasing me around on a skateboard and throwing little stones at me.”

At 16 Abrahamse was also a Top 40 finalist on Canadian Idol.  After building a thriving career as a cartoon TV voice actor and TV composer, he co-founded Silverthorn Studios and decided to pursue a serious solo music career. After playing an impromptu song on the Canadian Music Week conference floor, he was called that evening by legendary producer Eddie Kramer. Kramer eventually convinced Abrahamse to record a debut album and the rest is history.

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Elton John, Micheal Jackson, Randy Newman,Queen, Paul Simon

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Song Credits

Song written by: Taylor Abrahamse
Produced by: Eddie Kramer
Additional production by: Taylor Abrahamse
Mixed by: Eddie Kramer

Performed by 

Main guitars/Vocals: Taylor Abrahamse
Additional harmonies: SH3
Organ: Steve Lavery
Bass: Stacey Shopsowitz
Drums: Lewis Spring
Electric Solo: Clifton David Broadbridge

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