The Right Girls @ Massimadi

We have heard all about these groups of asylum seekers who are traveling from different parts of Honduras and El Salvador, and other places to the United States. For different reasons they are looking to start life anew in the U.S. and are willing to make the long, hard and sometimes dangerous trip for the chance of gaining status in the U.S. Nothing is guaranteed; they might be doing all this for nothing. Especially during the Trump presidency.

A small minority of these people are members of the LGBTQ+ community. In their home countires many of them were suffering from discrimination, violence and even the threat of death. Here in Timothy Wolfer’s (Adopting Haiti) documentary we follow a couple of these people – three transgender women – Valentyna, Chantal and Johanna – as they make the journey through Mexico by foot to the American border.

They are part of this Migrant Caravan. The three become friends out of necessity. It is very dangerous for them. They suffer abuse of all kinds from members of the Caravan and the people in the towns they travel through. Safety in numbers they say, so the three women attempt to latch onto the LGBTQ+ community as they travel.

Over the course of the 2,400 miles they will travel plenty happens. It is a tough journey with the stress of it all placing pressure on the small group of friends. Fights happen. Personalities clash. Friendships end.

While they are all seeking the piece of paper which will set them on the path for a new life, the three women are also looking for happiness and acceptance. Basic human rights which are taken for granted and denied to many.

After the fracture between Valentyna and Chantal and Johanne they go their separate ways. The film then focuses on Valentyna and we never really get to know what happened to the other two. That was a little disappointing.

While the message here is strong and more than worthy of time on screen, the documentary does not bring anything new to the table.

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