Available Now on Amazon Prime, ITunes, Vudu & Tubi: Strike Back Studios Releases Khalil Sullins’ Award-Winning Sci-Fi Thriller “Listening”

Strike Back Studios (a new joint venture between Realization Films,  Public House Films, and Hideout Pictures), has released Khalil Sullins’ exhilarating award winning sci-fi thriller debut “Listening”  is available to audiences now on Amazon Prime, and TVOD platforms iTunes, Vudu, and Tubi, among others. Strike Back Studios continues to embrace the true tenants of film collaboration, working with filmmakers to bring their films to global audiences.

Writer/Director Khalil Sullins’ (“Speed of Life,” “Vanished Acres”) exhilarating award-winning sci-fi thriller debut “Listening,” filmed on location in Cambodia, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles was a hit on the film festival circuit (Woodstock, Gasparilla, Sci-Fi London, Cleveland, etc.) racking up awards. A truly hard sci-fi thriller, keeping you on your toes that features realistic telepathy technology that is quickly becoming reality via companies like Elon Musk’s Neuralink. “Flicker 3D” visual effect is brilliantly used in the film during the mind-reading sequences.

Starring Thomas Stroppel (“Bucksville,” “Bear Me Witness”), Artie Ahr (“Miami Vice,” “Immigrant”), Amber Marie Bollinger (“The Death and Return of Superman,” “Hollywood is Hard”),  Christine Haeberman (“The Millenium Bug,” “Murder Loves Killers too”),  Steve Hanks (“After School Special,” “Jailbait”),and Arn Chorn-Pond (“In The Life of Music,” “Two Shadows”), this ensemble cast draws you in from the first scene. Featuring stunning cinematography by Blake McClure (“Ratched,” “Saturday Night Live”) and a tantalizing original score from composer Edward Patrick White (“Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” “Bear Grylls: Mission Survive”), “Listening” began it’s award-winning film festival run with a world premiere at Woodstock Film Festival and includes Best Director – Phoenix Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Film – Hot Springs Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Film – New Hope Film Festival, Best Actor Thomas Stroppel – Woods Hole Film Festival, Best Narrative Feature Audience Award – Irvine International Film Festival, Best Actress Amber Marie Bollinger – Irvine International Film Festival, and Best Screenplay – Hoboken International Film Festival, among others.

“Listening” Film Synopsis:

In this award-winning thriller about science-fiction that is quickly becoming reality, a covert government agency hunts down three grad students after they invent a telepathic neural device that unleashes incredible and dangerous consequences for the future of humanity. In a brave new world where no one can hide their most secret thoughts or desires, the friends turn against each other in a battle over not only the privacy of our minds, but the future of free will itself.

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