Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer go behind the scenes of “What Other People Say” for Vevo Footnotes

“Although [Demi and I] led such different lives, the humanity in the song and the message is something we both felt intensely. Before meeting we already knew this intimate part of each other’s story.”- Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato have partnered with Vevo for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the music video for their new single, “What Other People Say.” The video, which was directed by Dano Cerny, follows a group of strangers on a lonely subway ride who are able to silently connect with one another while still feeling isolated. 


Fischer and Lovato uncover the powerful symbolism behind the video, the intimate connection between each other, and the roadblocks that come with filming on the LA Metro. “The Making of ‘What Other People Say’” is now streaming on all platforms.

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