In Theaters + VOD May 7th

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/513019066/4fc6f4c921

Millennial vlogger Brian (Brian Emond, Producer, Co-Writer) feels like he’s not living up to his full potential. In his own mind, he’s destined for a flourishing career in the news, but his spirit has been broken by composing too many mindless listicles. Recently passed over for a promotion by his employer, a glossy hipster news outlet (that is definitely not Vice!), he is faced with yet another insult: he must put together a piece in search of the fabled Bigfoot. In order to produce this latest masterpiece (“Is the term ‘Bigfoot’ offensive towards amputees?”), Brian must trade Brooklyn for the mountains of North Georgia, against his better judgement and his self-importance. Guided by the seemingly unhinged cryptid-rockstar Jeff (Jeffrey Stephenson), Brian is dragged along on an overnight research expedition that just seems like the wild goose chase that he expected. Until it’s not – and he sees something that can’t be explained. Faced with his own mysterious sighting, Brian discovers that maybe for the first time in his career, this story could be real, the career-making piece he had been looking for all-along.

The feature-length debut from filmmaker Zach Lamplugh, 15 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BIGFOOT (#1 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!) is a whip-smart send-up of millennial culture and clickbait news that constantly subverts expectations. Part satire, part mockumentary, the movie is an original vision from Lamplugh and his filmmaking cohorts Emond and Tim Reis.