Leahy – ‘Good Water’ – New Album

Leahy’s brand new album, Good Water, reminds us that we are all connected by a need and desire for those things that give and sustain life, like water. 

Tears” is a song about the highs and lows of life that teach us about who we are. So often tears are only associated with sorrow, suffering or pain but there are equally powerful tears of joy, love, healing, freedom… In this song tears are not only the real physical expression of emotion – “getting it out,” but also a marker of an ongoing process that leads to learning, growing, understanding, empathy, awareness, forgiveness… 

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Leahy has always enjoyed being able to draw from a variety of musical styles and influences. Produced by Grammy-award winner David Bottrill, they were open to all possibilities when it came to treating and arranging the music. Good Water expresses the many shades of being human. 

Their lyrics touch on everything from love, growth, and change to sight, pain, hope, redemption and relationship. Even though life is sometimes messy and difficult, we have to hold on to hope.