As Long As We Both Shall Live

A kind of romantic thriller, As Long As We Both Shall Live is now available to rent and own on North American digital HD Internet, cable and satellite platforms.

A young couple deeply in love. Sarah (Yael Stone – from television’s Orange is the New Black) and Malcolm (Josh Helman – Mad Max: Fury Road, Jack Reacher) have begun their life together. Tragically one night while popping out to buy some baking powder for a cake, she dies in a car crash.

This sets Malcolm off into a downward spiral. He drinks and sleeps. Doesn’t go to work anymore. The only one he has any contact with is his sister-in-law, Dee (Yvonne Cone – appeared in episodes of Happy! and The Mysteries of Laura). After cajoling him to return to work and life, Dee moves on to trickery and threats.

She even begins to get him back out there on to the dating scene, setting him up on a series of bad blind dates. By paying for a woman’s coffee when she cannot find her wallet, Malcolm sets himself back on the path towards love after meeting Nya (Jennifer Allcott – Kate Can’t Swim).

The road to love…again…is not a smooth one for Malcolm. Though Nya is great, a person from Malcolm’s past and bad headaches makes things more difficult. Maybe it is too soon for Malcolm.

Though the acting is not the greatest, the story is a neat one. Romance mixed with suspense. Tries to keep you guessing throughout about what is actually going on. What is real and what isn’t.

You keep thinking that this is not a good movie and yet it continues to win you over. Somehow despite all the flaws it works. You expect one thing and it changes things up.

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