Images courtesy of Ya Tú Sabes/Visibility Media

Jesse Williams’ Visibility Media Launches Lotería Meets Charades-Inspired Mobile Game, Ya Tú Sabes, Featuring Hilarious Regional and Diverse Themes Celebrating Popular Latinx Culture

Visibility Media announced the release of gaming app Ya Tú Sabes, a trivia-inspired exploration of popular Latinx culture from the creators of the award-winning Black culture-themed BLeBRiTY app. Developed by Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and former exec at Apple, Nike and NBA Latin America, Arturo Nuñez, Ya Tú Sabes features a fast growing range of diverse categories and regional themes. The app was created to celebrate the rich diverse culture among Hispanics in the US and is available today for both iOS and Android.

“Ya Tú Sabes is a fun, culturally-savvy gaming experience and beyond that, is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our community with content relevant to our brand and cultures. At Visibility Media, that means that Black and Brown representation in tech and entertainment is central to our projects, not auxiliary. It’s important to us that we use our resources and platform to produce content that’s not only inclusive and reflective of the real world, but also engaging and fun!,” said Jesse Williams, Ya Tú Sabes Co-creator and Co-founder of Visibility Media.

“Having spent most of my career working with Fortune 500 brands in Latin America, I’ve always been dedicated to telling authentic, meaningful stories that resonate with and are representative of multicultural audiences. Hispanics are not a monolith, there are so many rich, diverse cultures among Latinx people. Creating Ya Tú Sabes as a celebration of not only the common cultural threads we share but making sure it’s inclusive of the many diverse, regional and nostalgic themes within the apps game play was really important,” said Arturo Nuñez, Ya Tú Sabes Co-creator and Founder of AIE creative.

Designed to be a culturally-connected, creatively-fused, trivia game for Latinx individuals, allies, culture seekers and Spanish speakers around the world, Ya Tú Sabes challenges players in Spanish through its interactive platform where participants try to guess the card they’ve drawn while their teammates shout clues. For $2.99 per month, subscribers can access categories ranging from cuisine to cumbia and fiestas to futbol, with new categories added weekly. The gaming app is designed for play with friends and family both in-person and virtual. Ya Tú Sabes also has a shareable component that allows users to record and post videos of their game play on social media and share with each other. 

In addition to his acting credits, Jesse Williams proudly advocates for social justice and civil rights through his work as a tech entrepreneur, bringing BLeBRiTY and Ebroji App to diverse audiences while promoting access to college scholarships as a partner and ambassador for Scholly App. BLeBRiTY’s success—with over 600K downloads, 5.5M games played, the Apple App Store’s number one spot twice for trivia games, where it was also recognized as ‘Feature App of the Day’—shows that authenticity, representation, and inclusion can be both popular and successful.