Like most things, if you want something done right you have to get a woman to do it. Even when it comes to getting rid of creepy stalkers. Or should I say especially. Think about it. The annals of horror film history is filled with examples of just this. Think of who was left standing in films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, and Evil Dead. Lucky’s May is trying to join those ranks

No one believes May (Brea Grant – Pitch Perfect 2, Looper), an author of self-help books, when she claims that she is being stalked. That something is creeping into her house night after night stalking her. As such, it looks like she is going to have to take care of this issue herself.

Nathasha Kermani’s (Imitation Girl, Bereavement) film originally came onto my radar at Fantasia. Technically it is a good film in that it is shot well, the story is not predictable and acting is generally well done.

Unlike many films of the ilk, Lucky has stuff to say. It is not just about gore and scares. It is imbued with things like violence against women, individualism, trauma, and the assumptions we tend to make based on gender. How being attacked/stalked/assaulted can make a person into a victim and isolated. Timely issues like gaslighting and victim blaming are thrown in for good measure.

The overall tone here is rather absurd. A lot like a feature length episode of the Twilight Zone. With plenty of blood, of course.

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