Facce by Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanelli (2019)

This week, Tënk highlights the important legacy of the great Italian filmmaker Cecilia Mangini, who passed away in January. While developing a modern and avant-garde cinematic language, she was able to offer a point of view unusual in post-war Italian cinema: that of a woman.

Her films denounce the drift of modernization and advocate for women and workers’ struggles, by making them engaged witnesses of the transformations of Italy. Starting today, Tënk is showing five of her films, three of which will be available this week exclusively.

Now available:

●●Ignoti alla città by Cecilia Mangini, 11 min, 1958

Mangini’s debut, featuring a text by a Pasolini, which portrays the terrible living conditions, but also the animal spirit, of the young people of the Roman borgate (marginal and poor villages). *Available until March 13

●● Stendali by Cecilia Mangini, 11 min, 1959

A funeral lamentation is sung by women in an old dialect. One of the last examples of the ancient ritual of funeral lamentation that still existed at the time in this southern part of Puglia. *Available until March 13

●● La Canta delle marane by Cecilia Mangini, 10 min, 1961 

On a hot summer day, a group of boys of the Roman suburbs play and laugh in one of the many rivers that surround the city. While the camera approaches them, the words of the commentary (entrusted to the poetic sensibility of Pier Paolo Pasolini) narrate the stories, desires, dreams, the future. *Available until March 13

●● Essere Donne by Cecilia Mangini, 28 min, 1964

An emblematic work that anticipates the feminist movement, in the simple but radical gesture of contrasting the images sold by advertising of “women” with real women: workers, mothers, who struggle to make ends meet. *Available until May 1st

●● Facce by Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanelli, 7 min, 2018

An astonished crowd turns its face to the boldness of a young photographer in 1956, at the Puglia village festival. *Available until May 1st

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