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Three young musicians of the Montreal alt music scene found a common cause – the fight to keep furious femme rock alive and well. The blistering riot-psych rock tune Dream Funeral, from the band Scarlet Wives, released on March 5, is their first official release, part of a trio of songs, with the next due in April. It might be about their pandemic year, it might be about spiritual rebirth, and it definitely brings you back to open roads and freer times.

Built for fans of Alice in Chains, Seether, Starcrawler, Skating Polly, Death Valley Girls, Veruca Salt, The Pretty Reckless, Hole and Garbage, it reminds you that, equipped with a guitar,bass and a set of drums, everything is possible.

2020 was a strange year for artists. For young musicians of band Scarlet Wives, everything was swept from underneath them. Bassist Mike and singer/guitarist Alice were set to go on a third tour with another project and were planning a US tour for the fall when all shows got cancelled. From one day to the next, life went from daily practices, meetings and tour bookings to staying at home and wondering what was to come next, much like the rest of the world experienced exactly one year ago this week. After losing their rhythm guitarist and drummer, they decided to take on a new project, something that they would take even further than before.

Alice discovered their drummer Zenab through a Facebook cover video collaboration. They had both been asked to cover a Distillers song and said “Hell yeah, we’re both bored at home and dying to play, let’s do it.” Alice saw soon after that Zenab also played the drums, and the missing piece was filled. Scarlet Wives then began their rock n roll adventure, doing the only thing they could do during a pandemic: record and write music. During this, Alice & Mike partnered up with 3 other musicians and sound engineers to open up their own studio/label Lack Haüs records. Dream Funeral is the first official release out of Lack Haüs.