Photo credit: Bruno Destombes

MUTEK is working with HELLERAU,one of Europe’s leading cultural centres in contemporary art, to offer HYBRID – Cutting Edge Canada. This joint event brings together more than a dozen audiovisual and electronic music performances in Dresden (Germany) and Montreal, as well as digital art, films and a listening room to showcase Quebec and Canadian creativity.

The whole thing is available exclusively and open access on the platform now.

For four days, 20 artists present, mostly in the world premiere,their new creations onMUTEK’s virtual platform, custom-designed at the 21st edition of the Festival last September. The programming will then be available on request until March 31.

Live from Dresden and Montreal, the talent of local artists is expressed through 11 captivating and diverse performances. Watch the new creations of Chloe Alexandra Thompson and aesthetic.stalemateDeadbeat and Fatima Camara, Gene TellemOuriSahar Homami and T.Gowdy.

Sabrina Ratté (QC/FR) ─ Floralia

The virtual gallery reveals three digital artworks that combine technology with creativity. While Lucas Paris explores the world of video games, Sabrina Ratté and Matt Thibideau and Markus Heckmann are developing new environments at the crossroads of the natural and the virtual.

To complete the experience, the listening room is back and the auditorium is hosting the New Nature initiative in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut de Montréal.