The world is slowly (probably too slowly) becoming the type of place in which a young trans woman can dream of playing the role of Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But like many dreams, the path is never straight or smooth.

Serena is a teenage girl who exists largely in the shadows. Teenage life is tough enough without adding in being the new girl in school who is trans. She, probably due to the treatment Serena receives at the hands of her classmates, stays quiet, not saying much in an attempt to not draw too much attention to herself.

Things are going to change in that regard when Serena decides to audition for the role of Juliet in her high school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. This is a big step for her as usually self-doubt gets the better of her.

Romeo has already been selected. Now it is to select Juliet. Not only having to battle her nerves, but Serena will have to bear some horrible treatment at the hands of her classmates.

In the arts it is important that all sections of society see themselves represented. What they live, know and feel. Not just some voices/faces but all. That is why films like Ira Storozhenko’s are vital. They confront the stereotypes. Try to open people’s eyes and right wrongs. Here we see a trans teen fight to be true to themself and live a life they want and deserve.

Those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community have to deal with all kinds of crap on a daily basis. If you are trans and an actor then the already few roles out there dwindle even more due to the prejudice. You are being judged on who you are and how you look rather than just as your talent as an actor. The chance that a trans woman gets to play a lead female role are slim to none. Change is happening but not fast enough.

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