Too Late to Die Young
A Film by Dominga Sotomayor

During the summer of 1990 in Chile, at the end of the Pinochet dictatorship, teen neighbors in an isolated community right below the Andes, struggle with parents, first loves, and fears, as they prepare a big party for New Year’s Eve. They may live far from the dangers of the city, but not from those of nature.

Winter Brothers
A Film by Hlynur Pálmason

Two brothers deal with their hardscrabble lives as Danish limestone miners in diametrically opposed ways, until one incident sets them on a collision course with each other.

Women’s History Month
 Celebrate Women’s History Month with a diverse collection of films including a documentary on Mexican painter Frida Kahlo as well as one on the professional Black tennis player,Althea Gibson. On the 2021 theme of “choose to challenge” you’ll find “Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge” on the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who challenged the patriarchy and other inspiring cinematic works.