Iconic Argentinian artist Fito Paez wins “Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album” for La Conquista del Espacio at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. The honor marks his first Grammy win and follows two wins at the 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards last November—“Best Pop/Rock Album” and “Best Pop/Rock Song” for the single “La Cancion de las Bestias.”

“I’m really shocked, very excited indeed! Gustavo Cerati once said that he felt the whole universe was conspiring in his favor. This could well be that kind of moment for me, one of total plenitude on what has to do with my complete self. I feel so infinitely grateful to my friends, my family, my team, and to all the people that are there with me every day, supporting me. I also want to share this Grammy Award with my fellow nominees. I feel immensely full of love and send my regards to everyone.”—Fito Paez

La Conquista del Espacio continues to receive widespread critical praise—Billboard hails, “It’s a grandiose title for a beautiful, lush set of songs that goes from the highly orchestrated, optimistically beautiful title track to the bluntly crass ‘Nadie Es de Nadie,’” the Associated Press calls it, “both an apocalyptic and cheerful soundtrack,” while adds “Páez is a full-on Latin pop legend, a status he attained by experimenting with pop, synth and Latin sounds, among others. La Conquista del Espacio is a testament to that…

”Most recently, the video for “Gente en la calle” featuring Lali, the fourth single from the album, premiered. The video was filmed in a Buenos Aires studio where directors Alejandro Ros and Guido Adler ingeniously recreated a street within the film set, using images in big screens where Paez and Lali could interact. The studio-generated images were combined with footage shot on the real streets of Argentina’s capital city, on subtle portraits that bring to the forefront the rawness of people in the street’s situation, which the song lyrics reflect. Watch HERE.

Additionally, Netflix has announced “El amor después del amor,” a new fictional series based on Paez’s life and produced by Paez himself. The new series will be released later this year.

Fito Paez is one of Latin-America’s most beloved musicians. He is the mastermind behind 1992’s El Amor Después del Amor; the #1 most sold rock album in the history of his native Argentina. He has been touring for the past 36 years, performing in some of the most iconic stages in Latin America and Spain. Over the past two years he has performed on legendary U.S. stages including New York City’s Carnegie Hall, Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre and Miami’s Fillmore. 

Paez has received countless prizes and recognitions in Argentina and internationally throughout his career. His 1999 album Abre was nominated for “Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album” at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards, and he has won a total of eight Latin Grammy Awards. In 2015, Berklee College of Music in Boston awarded Paez with the “Master of Latin Music” honor, marking the first Latin American rock musician to receive the prestigious award.

Further career highlights include writing and directing two films: Vidas Privadas and De Quién Es El Portaligas, as well as authoring three books published all across Latin America: La Puta DiablaDiario de Viaje and Los días de Kirchner. Paez also composed and acted as music director of the soundtrack for the film Camino Sinuoso, directed by Juan Pablo Kolodziej.