For the Record @ SXSW

Most of us can relate to the idea of having a soundtrack to our lives. Music that happens during important moments becomes part of our makeup. In its world premiere as part of Episodic Pilot Competition, For the Record, directed by Lisa Brylin and Julian De Zotti, will be part of the CBC Gem roster, but for now it is screening at SXSW.

Six short episodes which are all linked by one character from each episode moving on to the next one. However, each episode features a different story. There’s Always Spotify is about a break up, The Broken Hearts Tour is about finding your soulmate, Dinner Music about a white guy trying to impress the parents of his black girlfriend, Climax about a pastor embarking in a passionate affair, Autumn Elegy a widow finding love in the strangest of places, and The Drop about a very pregnant woman attending an EDM festival and going into labour.

Each episode features music as the backbone, Each song helps tell the story. The power of music. While the acting is fairly uneven each of the stories is engaging and relatable. Not the type of series which will have you obsessed, but it is enjoyable.

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