William Goldsmith (Founding Member of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Foo Fighters) Unveils New Track “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife” Off Upcoming Album From His New Project Assertion

Debut Full-Length ‘Intermission’ Out April 9 via Spartan Records

Assertion, the new project of musician William Goldsmith, is debuting a second track off of the upcoming debut album ‘Intermission,’ set for release on April 9 via Spartan Records.

Stream “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife” on Flood Magazine:


Goldsmith says, “There is a musical chemistry with our band that is rare and at a level that none of us have experienced before. We have found ourselves slightly perplexed as to the origins of some of the songs. “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife” is an example of us sitting down and playing the song from start to finish – the vocal melody and the arrangement just appeared out of nowhere. The song seemed to write itself or somehow already existed.

• Digital Pre-save: https://orcd.co/slaughter

• US / World Vinyl Pre-order: https://spr.tn/intermission

• UK / EU Vinyl Pre-order: https://spr.tn/intermissionuk

‘Intermission’ marks the official return of the fabled drummer, who ten years ago, walked away from a successful music career that included stints as a founding member of Sunny Day Real EstateThe Fire Theft, and Foo Fighters.

Together with his Assertion bandmates, guitarist/vocalist Justin Tamminga and, bassist Bryan Gorder, Assertion’s debut LP, ‘Intermission’, is real, propulsive, and earnest — a cathartic experience that proudly does not nestle nicely alongside current bands — or really many releases at all from the last couple decades. The album conjures more connections to the heady grit and soaring grind of the 90’s. Driving guitars anchored by a frenetic rhythm section. A haunting vocal delivery concealing a heartfelt sentiment. Track-by-track, the record builds into a dark and heavy crescendo but unpredictably retreats into delicate and fragile moments in masterful ways.

Goldsmith adds, “A decade-long journey that started out walking away from music has led me right back to it and the very reason I started – but with a whole new appreciation and respect for it. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this project. It’s not just about making music. It’s like a force of nature, but in an egoless collaboration that is nothing short of unconditional. The gratitude I have for being given the opportunity to release this music is beyond words. Thank you to everyone for your support through all these years.”

Photo: Andrew Kvenvolden

‘Intermission’ Track Listing:

Down Into The Depths

The Lamb To The Slaughter Pulls A Knife


This Dream Does Not Work

Pushed To The Limit

Deeper In The Shallow

This Lonely Choir

Supervised Suffering

Set Fire




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