Food Club

Three women in the last third of their lives find themselves alone for a variety of reasons – one by choice, one because her husband over over four decades has left her for another woman on Christmas Eve and one because her husband had died a few years previous. The three long term friends decide to embark on a trip together to Italy to take a cooking course.

Once in Poglia each of the women discovers a way in which they can each discover new ways. New ways of being and being happy. Most importantly they discover that what really matters is each other and friendship.

Aging is something none of us can avoid. It does not mean that is a bad thing, however. With age comes wisdom they say. We just have to be brave enough to adjust our way to accept the wisdom.

It is never too late to learn a new trick or a different way of living. That plus friendship are the main messages of this film directed by Barbara Topsoe-Rothenburg. All this is surrounded by plenty of humour. Besides all the laughs here another strong point of the film was the fact that Topsoe-Rothenburg does not succumb to stereotypes about older people. The women here are bright and vibrant, no matter their age. Though the story is at times silly and you know from minute one how it is all going to end, the three actresses bring forth characters which are so lovable you will overlook the shortcomings. More wisdom!

The Danish comedy is now available on VOD.

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