A Film by Lucie Borleteau

Leaving her fiancé Félix ashore, a sailor named Alice joins the crew of an old cargo ship as a mechanic. Once on board, Alice discovers that she is replacing a man who has just died and that Gaël, the first great love of her life, is the ship’s captain.

Greek actress Ariane Labed won Best Actress at Locarno for her memorable performance as Alice. Nominated for two César Awards including Best Debut Feature.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger
A Film by Eugene Jarecki

Featuring previously unseen footage, de-classified documents, and revealing interviews with Kissinger supporters as well as his detractors, the documentary explores how a young boy who fled Nazi Germany grew up to become one of the most powerful and controversial figures in U.S. history.

On the Hidden Beauty of Art:
An Interview with Patrick Wang

 We have an exclusive new interview with filmmaker Patrick Wang on our blog, metafilm! Wang’s latest feature A Bread Factory explores the role of art in everyday life and has been hailed as “a major new work by a singular American artist” (New York Times). 
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