Nuevo Rico @ SXSW

Though the SXSW Online festival is over (sadness!) for this year, there is still an opportunity to see some of it on demand on the SXSW Online app until April 18. One of the films still available to watch is the award winner Nuevo Rico by director Kristian Mercado. Its screening at SXSW was its world premiere.

18 minutes in length and full of bright, vibrant colours and sometimes psychedelic images, Nuevo Rico tells the tale of a brother and sister, a struggling reggaeton duo from Puerto Rico, who happen upon a secret of celestial origin while evading the authorities. This changes their lives forever by launching them into a life of Reggaeton stardom. After a few years have passed, they discover that this success does not come without a price, a heavy one.

The film is a co-production of Columbia, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, and Puerto Rico. It won the prize for Best Animated Short at SXSW.

A dystopian tragedy. One told in a near future Puerto Rico. Brings with it warnings about fame and friendship. Filled with innovative visuals and ideas, the film packs a lot of punch in its short time. The animation is great and very original in its style. However, don’t let the visuals distract you from the important story it is telling. A warning about how what we think we want most might end up instilling irreparable damage upon us.

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