Nailed It!: Double Trouble – Season 5 on Netflix

Cooking shows?!? No way! Couldn’t be more boring to me. Right up there with watch golf on television. I like both. I do both, but don’t ask me to watch it on television. Well, I now stand corrected. I had never watched Netflix’s cooking show Nailed It! before reviewing season 5. Now I have to say I loved it. Between the likeability factor of the two regular hosts to the crazy things they ask people to bake in a short amount of time, it all adds up to plenty of good natured fun and laughs.

This is the kind of show you watch if you don’t feel like investing too much brain power into your tv watching. Or if you find yourself in a down mood this is a sure fire way to put a smile on your face. How can you not smile at the effervescent and hilarious Nicole Byer? On this show she makes even the corniest moments and lines funny. Her wackiness goes well with her co-host, actual French chocolatier Jacques Torres. This season the judging panel is rounded out each week by a comedian or entertainer like Andrea Savage, Ron Funches, Lil Rey Howery, Bobby Lee, Brian Posehn, and A$AP Ferg. Plus actress Joey King makes up one of the competing baking duos.

Speaking of baking duos that is the theme of this season. Two people team together to try and recreate the baking concoction in a set amount of time which professional bakers have made. The duos are made up of siblings, mother-daughter/mother-son, friends, relatives, and even a pair of drag queens. Each show features two rounds and they are competing for the $10,000 awarded to the winning team.

As I had never seen the series before I was astonished at what they were asking these completely amateur bakers to make. Some of the things were so intricate. You are just setting them up for failure (especially with the time given) and providing the audience with laughs.

With the difficult times we are going through and the number of people who have taking up baking/cooking during their newfound free time, Nailed It! Double Trouble is the perfect show. 30 minutes and laughs courtesy of some epic kitchen disasters. And maybe some who watch will be crazy enough to attempt to recreate some of these elaborate baked concoctions.

The six episodes of the latest season of the series is now available to watch on Netflix.

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